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’15 Keys To Greatness’ – Mountain of Fire Pastor Reveal As He Emphasized More On Number 8

The Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries are situated in Yaba, and Dr. Dk Olukoya is its founder and ruling General Overseer. The cleric, known for his ardent and intense prayers, shared a sermon he delivered, outlining 15 keys by which believers could succeed, on his verified Facebook page.

Below are the keys, as analyzed by the cleric;

1. Seek and Find God

To achieve greatness, your point of call is God. This is where your life before God comes to question. You must be someone who is redefined and renewed through the Lord Jesus Christ, this is when you would be able to access the keys.

2. Commit Yourself To Constant Improvement

Knowledge is power. You must be committed to improving yourself all the time. According to the cleric, being knowledgeable makes you a ruler over ignorance. The inability to get yourself updated would leave you in the valley of mediocrity.

3. Commit Yourself To Excellence And Quality

Do not settle for an inferior lifestyle. Work towards excellence and quality. As you move forward towards achieving quality and excellence, greatness would set in because quality and excellence are embodiment factors of greatness.

4. Be Generous

According to the cleric, the children of the generous do not suffer. You must ensure you are the type that loves consistent charitable activities to assist people.

5. Have a Grateful Heart

You must be the type that is always grateful for any favour you receive. Do not be an ingrate. Ingrates never become great.

6. You Must Be persistent

Persistence will get you everything you want. A believer must be persistent in the things of God and also in his/her life endeavours. This would in return make you diligent which would attract your ability to achieve greater things.

7. Treat Everyone You Meet Like You Want To Be Treated

You must always respect people’s feelings. Do not be the type that has a carefree attitude. You must treat everybody as you would love to be treated.

8. Get Married to the right person

According to the cleric, the person you marry would determine 90% of your success. You must ensure you marry right.

9. You Must Be Forgiving

Malice would pollute your heart. You must ensure that you must be forgiving, at all times and in all situations.

10. You Must Be Loyal

Loyalty is non-negotiable when it comes to achieving greatness. Those you are subjected to or answerable to must be well respected and honoured. Be loyal and commuted to them. This is a sure step to greatness and being uplifted by God.

11. You Must Be Honest

Being honest is a sign of godliness. Honesty here implies being a person of unquestionable dignity. People must be able to couch for your truthfulness and dignity.

12. Be Prayerful

Prayer is the surest channel through which you can get connected to God in a well-articulated communion. Your thoughts and needs are made known to God through prayers. Through prayers, the holy spirit also helps to connect you deeply to the exact prayers to pray, thus giving you well-projected prayers before God.

13. Be Holy

Holiness gets you closer to God. The scriptures already have it that, without holiness, no one can see God hence, holiness is very important to achieve greatness in life.

14. Be A Bible Addict

You must be a lover of the Bible. You must be committed and consecrated to a daily study of the scriptures. This would keep you aligned with the will of God, which would enhance your greatness.

15. Deal With Your Foundation

As a believer, you must not be ignorant of the devices of the enemy. You must be prayerful and be well knowledgeable of what the Bible says about the enemy and their attacks on people’s foundation. A believer is also expected to be committed to consistent exercises to defeat the powers of the wicked and their evil impacts on their foundations.

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