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20 Things you must not do in a dating relationship.

There are a few things you should never do in a dating relationship if you want to keep it healthy and happy. Here are a few to avoid:

Don’t refuse to talk to your partner. If your partner wants to talk, be willing to listen. It’s important to communicate with each other, and if you’re not willing to communicate, your relationship could start to suffer.

Don’t be possessive or jealous. If you’re constantly jealous or possessive, your partner may start to feel like they can’t do anything without your approval. This will lead to frustration and possible resentment.

Don’t neglect your relationship. If you’re not spending enough time with your partner, they may start to feel neglected. This can lead to big problems, tension, lack of respect and conflict in the relationship. Make sure to give your partner the time they deserve and don’t neglect them.

Don’t criticize your partner without justification. It doesn’t make sense to be creating unnecessary drama in your relationship, controlling yourself and limiting complicated things.

Do not cheat on your partner. This includes any and all forms of cheating, such as flirting with other people, sending sexual content or pictures, or engaging in any sexual activities that are not considered “within the bounds of decency.”

Do not lie to or mislead your partner. This includes hiding important information about yourself or your relationship, withholding information about your past, or misrepresenting your feelings or thoughts.

Do not use your partner’s trust or respect as a tool to manipulate or control them. This includes using your partner’s fears, doubts, or emotions to get what you want.

Do not put your partner’s safety at risk. This includes abusing alcohol or drugs, engaging in dangerous activities, or neglecting your partner’s safety in any way.

Do not withhold or withdraw support or love from your partner. This includes behaving in a way that makes it difficult for your partner to feel supported or loved, or refusing to will complicate your relationship.

Don’t use your partner for their money or possessions. This includes not being selfish with your time or resources, and being honest about what you need and want.

Don’t put your partner in a position where they feel like they have to choose between you and their friends or family. This includes not being critical or unsupportive, and being open and communicative about your feelings.

Don’t take your partner for granted. This includes not treating them with respect, and being honest and communicative about your feelings and needs.

Don’t be a control freak. Stop trying to control your partner. It is not good to control somebody you’re dating. When you control someone they will feel like you are using them and you don’t love them, allow someone to be who they are and love them the way they are.

Don’t push your partner away. Many people contributed to making their relationship fail. Some characters, the way you treat your partner, the way you talk to your partner, some things you are doing without knowing that it is pushing them away, be careful how you treat your partner.

Don’t use your partner to fill a void in your life. Don’t use your partner when you are lonely because you are not ready for a serious relationship, don’t go into a relationship for the sake of loneliness when you know that you will not give your all to your partner. If you want fun, look for someone that is ready for fun and avoid someone ready for a serious relationship.

Don’t keep secrets from each other. Don’t keep your lover in the dark if you truly love them. Be open and fully honest to your partner.

Don’t mistreat each other physically or verbally. Physical or emotional abuse is not allowed in a relationship when you love you to avoid whatever that can cause unhappiness to your partner, abusing someone whether physical or spiritual or manipulating the person is totally wrong in a relationship.

Don’t make your partner feel like they are not good enough. Never try it, it hurts your partner.

If you truly love someone, don’t make him or her do things they don’t want to do in a relationship.

Don’t be afraid to talk about your feelings. Communication is important, always speak your mind, always tell how you feel if you love your partner, always tell them that you love them and compliment them. It helps in creating feelings in a relationship.

In a dating relationship, don’t be afraid to ask for what you want and how you want to be treated.

Don’t be afraid to let go. In a dating relationship if things are not working you have a right to quit, your partner has the right to quit too. Dating is trying to know whether things will work between you and someone and if things are not working you have the right to quit the relationship. Always remember that not all relationships must lead to marriage, that’s the reality of relationships.

Don’t force your partner to change who they are. Accept your partner the way they are, remember dating is trying to know whether things will work between you and someone, if you are not comfortable with them, don’t force them to change. You have the right to quit the relationship and look for someone else, you are not married, you are just dating.

Don’t put your partner’s feelings last. It is important to make your partner your top priority. When someone is your top priority, you will value them, you will respect them, never put your partner feelings and love down or last, when they find out that they are not number one in your life, it will hurt them and the relationship may end.

Don’t make your partner feel like they are always wrong. Don’t be Mr or Mrs Right, don’t make your partner to feel bad all the time, don’t make them to feel like they’re always wrong that you the intelligent one, it hurts their feelings if you want your relationship to work avoid making your partner to look like they’re not intelligent, they always doing wrong things.

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