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2023: Could This Be True? Check out what Keyamo Said About Tinubu’s Age, Source Of Wealth

Festus Keyamo, the All Progressive Congress (APC) presidential campaign council’s spokesman, discusses some concerns about Tinubu’s age, certificate, source of income, and the Muslim-Muslim ticket in an interview with Naija News.

Below are the list of his concerns:

“When Bola Tinubu was Governor of Lagos State, he was 48 years old at that time, go back and look at those pictures and compare him with people who are 48 years old now, he is a very young and vibrant man. There has been no time in the history of Asiwaju’s growth and development and when he worked in different organizations across the world, whether there were any heavy controversies regarding his age, whether there were two affidavits regarding his age.

“There has been no time that two documents gave surfaced with two different ages. The issues of Tinubu’s age are creators of the enemy, creators of the media and social media hype. Ayinde Barister was Tinubu’s playmate when they were small, he was five years older than Tinubu.”

“The public has not provided any reason for the speculations that Tinubu is not healthy, if there is anyone who has a reason or leaked document about his health, let them bring up the evidence because we kept quiet on people, that is why they keep repeating the lies one thousand times.

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“Does he not stand with his two feet himself, does he not climb the car by himself? Climb staircase, he is flying a private jet and moving around so why are people saying he is not healthy, I still don know, I need to be educated.

“On the issue of his hands shaking when he was handed over the flag at the APC Convention, see on that particular day, even young men like us ran home to sleep, for over 48 hours people were awake, personally, I was almost dying and had to run away, you now say a 70-year-old man who stood for two days should not feel weak. If Nigerians are making reference to that day, then they have no point because I have asked if he is walking with any assistance, and people saying he is not healthy need to explain to Nigerians.

Source Of His Wealth
“How much does Tinubu worth? He does not own some of the properties that are linked to him in Lagos State, even the Oriental Hotel and Lekki tollgate, let us not be distracted because the PDP and detractors are saying so, non of his children are in that company at all, the worst case scenario is that, they have given his son a work to do there and anybody can get that kind of contract

“The Oriental Hotel is been owned by the Chinese and I don’t know where it is coming from, people are only shouting he is a billionaire, my question is how much does he worth? Even if he is comfortable, he may not be as rich as people are saying. Do you want to begrudge him that he would not be comfortable now as a private person, what about Atiku who worked as a customs officer and came out to be a billionaire”.

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“Have you seen the reply going from Chicago university that he attended Chicago State University? So there is no controversy regarding that certificate, it’s just a thorn in a hiccup.”

Muslim- Muslim Ticket
“The president and Vice President do not share power at all, the vice president is subservient to the president, if there is a situation you want to balance the power of the president, who checks the power of the president? the senate president, the legislature or the judiciary, Beyond that, a Vice President cannot check the power of the president.

“They are alleging persecution of Christians all over the world and it’s not correct, how has the position of Osinbajo helped the situation if it is true? A political party is not set up for any religious body but to win an election and not to appease anybody or any group of people. If the Muslim-Muslim ticket was bad and not a strategy to win the election, they would have been laughing at us nobody would be worried or killing themselves, other political parties are angry because they know it’s a winning ticket. It is when you win an election that you begin to share positions between the Christians and Muslims if that is very germane.

“It is not possible to Islamize Nigeria, if you look at all the countries in the world that are Islamic states, you must put it in the constitution that the country would be run by an institution that adopts Islamic principles and that is not the case here, our constitution says Nigeria must be a secular state, that is what section 10 says and section 9 lists all the procedures to change the constitution and if you look at the constitution to make it an Islamic state, you know it’s not possible.

“Today, if the Osun State Governor-elect is sworn in, the country will have 20 Christian governors as against 16 Muslim governors. The Muslim-Muslim ticket is just a winning strategy, we respect and love the Christians. Pastors are wiping these sentiments, I have said it before, the call of pastors is to lead people to Christ and not Villa, they should stop acting as a barometer by which they judge anything in Nigeria.”

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