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4 Signs Your Partner Is Betraying You And Number 1 Will Surprise You

Have you had a long suspicion that he was cheating on you? You can piece together more details and see if you are right or not. You see signs that your partner is betraying you. Also, be careful because certain signs may be something other than what you imagine.

Often you will not see obvious traces of betrayal, such as smell of foreign perfume or lipstick spots, so you have to discover the signs with your intuition. You don’t have to be out of the way except suspicious. If there is nothing, your attitude can generate unnecessary tension.

1. He gives you unexpected gifts

Sometimes, at the beginning of an extramarital bond, men feel guilty toward their wife and try to buy their goodwill through flowers, gifts, which they usually did not make. But don’t suspect him just because he’s nice to you. His behavior may actually have good reasons.

2. They are more interested in your appearance than usual
Your boyfriend used to wear loose clothing, T-shirts and jeans, even at work? He seems to have changed his habit for a while and leaves home dressed at four pins. He even gets mad at you if he doesn’t have all the shirts ironed… who does he dress elegantly for? Maybe he changed his food and drink preferences. Big changes never go unnoticed, and it is good to diplomatically investigate the underlying reasons.

If he wasn’t usually interested in what he looked like and now he’s on a diet, it might be a sign that he’s finally starting to care about his appearance, but he might also be targeting someone else. A new perfume or aftershave could also be a sign.

3. He is not so careful with you anymore
There are times when everything you say or do is wonderful. Sometimes it’s a normal thing that comes with years. But if he gets to criticize you very often, stop looking for your company, stay together, but apart, each on his own TV, then you should worry.

4. Going too often to “delegates”
On weekends, he often leaves for work or goes out with the boys for a beer. If you have any doubts about the delegation, you can call the office to check and ask for the phone number of the colleague accompanying you. If you call him while he’s away and he doesn’t answer your phone, it can be pretty serious. Watch what luggage he takes with him when he leaves home for a few days, and when he doesn’t answer your phone, call the colleague who should accompany him.

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