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Another Praise In The Wrong Direction

We have heard our elderly people say, that praises or compliments make people feel good and want to do more.

If you appreciate people’s hard works by showering them with praises, it pushes them to gather the courage of doing their jobs more skillfully and better.

According to our elders, praises showered on people gives them high dose of positive feelings; which eventually motivate them; and pushing them to make you also to feel good.

The big question now is…what happens when a person does the wrong things; or fails in life, yet continually receive wrong compliments from people?

We all know the answer to this question. It is simply a disaster. In this situation, we unleash disaster on the people we praise wrongly.

Showering wrong compliments to people who doesn’t deserve them means we are spoiling them, and making them ‘rot’.

This is what we are currently doing to the leaders in this current government. We continually shower praises on these politicians; forgetting, that it is under these leaders, that the living conditions are made very difficult for people in the country.

Aisha Huang; the Chinese national and a galamsey kingpin in Ghana, who is currently facing trial, was first arrested in May 2017, under this Nana Addo led NPP government, for illegal mining, purchasing and selling minerals in Ghana.

After her arrest, we were told by the government, that she was deported back to her country China, without facing the laws of the land.

Realizing, that her deportation sparked many controversies in the country, the then Senior Minister under the Nana Addo-Bawumia government’s first term, Mr. Yaw Osafo-Marfo, came out to explain, that the reason for her deportation without trials; was because her country China, was ‘extending a helping hand to our country Ghana’, and that her deportation was necessary to help maintain the continues cordial relation between the two countries.

Today, President Akufo-Addo is telling Ghanaians on a Ho-based StoneCity Radio, that he is uncertain, whether the Aisha Huang was really deported the first time she was arrest; or she fled the country instead.

Speaking on StoneCity Radio in Ho-Volta Region, President Nana Addo said, “When you have the situation like this woman [Aisha Huang]…I am not still sure whether she was in fact deported, or whether she fled the country the first time and has now come back or whatever but there still seems to be some uncertainty about it”.

These comments from the president; though appear to the so called learned people as simple and honest to the point, in reality, the president’s comment clearly show a sign of failure, on his part.

The very people who called themselves learned and experts; who are suppose to hit hard on the president and his ministers, for the difficulties in the country, are rather praising him for things that are of no importance to the citizens.

The situation is so serious; to the extent that, even some security analyst have praised the president for saying, that he is uncertain, as to whether the popular Chinese galamseyer was deported or fled the country.

One very popular Ghanaian security analyst (name withheld), who spoke on the issue, commended president Nana Addo for his recent claim on Aisha’s deportation.

According to the security analyst, he was full of praise for the President for his claim, and that, if it were a different president, he would have churned out half-truths about the Aisha Huang’s situation.

Speaking on a popular Ghanaian TV station, this security expert stated that, “ President is saying in sincerity and honesty, that he is not aware of what has taken place with regard to Aisha Huang’s deportation, or repatriated or she was in this country, it speaks volumes”.

Adding that, “But I have to be honest with you that I am happy that the President has been very sincere with Ghanaians, someone else would have lied to Ghanaians and say I am aware of what is going on and the issue is getting handled”.

The point is, there is nothing sincere about the president’s claim on Aisha Huang’s deportation…it just a mark of failure on the side of the President and his government; and lack of wisdom on the part of all these so call learned, who continually shower praises on President Nana Addo; knowing very well that he and his government has failed in the fight against galamsey, and corruption in the country.

In brief; yes it is very good and important for us to give praises to people; but must go to only those who deserve to be praised; because showering the songs of praises to the wrong people are really a step in the wrong direction. It is not only a step in wrong direction, but also a disaster on the people and nation as a whole.

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