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Battle 4 2023: “last last” Everybody Go Chop Breakfast With Tinubu 

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The danger with this generation is that they want to eat dinner in the morning-African proverb

They never saw it coming, they all thought Tinubu was just an over-hyped politician who only holds sway in certain areas of Lagos, they always falsely portrayed Tinubu as a local drug baron with money to throw around, but alas, the game is out in the open, and Tinubu is becoming the unavoidable grandmaster of the game.

Tinubu is a master strategist who is completely aware of what he is doing; in fact, the political school of “Advanced Studies” still teaches about his strategies.

Tinubu would win the 2023 presidential election by default, not because of his sterling characteristics that elevate him beyond his adversaries, but because of his preparedness.

Look at Tinubu’s choice of Shettima as his running mate. Shettima is a young man who is intelligent and well-spoken, and it is confirmed that he has played smart roles in the past that have made him a formidable politician. The choice of Shettima who is a core ally of Tinubu goes a long way to prove Tinubu is in charge.

Critics were eager to point out that Tinubu would be used and dumped when he began his campaign and informed Buhari that he would be running for president, but they forgot that Tinubu had played a role in every emerging democratic government since the end of the military rule.

Tinubu began building his structure long before he became Lagos State Governor, and God knows he had the presidency in the back of his mind; otherwise, how come he made sure he planned his way in having structures across the six geopolitical zones?

Recall how Tinubu, as a senator, abandoned his Senate Presidency bid after receiving the support of a majority of senators, only to pursue the South West Agenda of producing the next president after IBB? That marked the beginning of major concessions with the North.

Now, Tinubu never relented, and when he became governor of Lagos State, he quickly put up plans for the future, resulting in the most robust cabinet with team players from all geopolitical zones.

Tinubu is the only politician today who has refused to join other political parties for one reason or another; instead, he has stuck with his party and nurtured it from the ground up to the enviable height of being Africa’s largest party.

Tinubu’s achievement did not happen overnight; it is unfortunate that today’s sorosoke youth is so fixated with speed that they have no idea where they are going.They associate quickness with success and patience with punishment. They simply cannot stand the wait.

We must realize that while speed is necessary, it is not the most significant factor in life. A CHEETAH racing the wrong way would be outrun by a snail travelling in the right direction. Speed without stability is a recipe for catastrophic failure.

Tinubu is persistent and enduring; you cannot desire achievement without taking the necessary actions to get it. So when you see Tinubu excelling it is simply because he waited for the right time to have his dinner.

Let me signoff with this popular quote from Tinubu,

“Even the obstacles on my way I predict them , before those that bring them, will start to think about them.
I plan for betrayal, I plan for backstabbing, I plan for reunion and forgiveness long before they happen. In life, I expect nothing, I expect anything, I expect everything.”
So say anything you want about Tinubu, throw tantrums, but at the end of the day, NA EVERYBODY GO CHOP BREAKFAST WITH TINUBU.
So like Burna Boy stated ” you go bow for the result o…Nothing to discuss o, cause I dey win by default o
And without any doubt o”
Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah is the chairman and CEO of Bush Radio Academy.
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Source iReporteronline.

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