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Get Rid Of Cracked Heels Using These 6 Remedies

Eczema, diabetes, thyroid disease, and psoriasis can all produce cracked and dry feet. Deep skin cuts can allow germs and viruses to enter the body, causing infection and sickness.

Here are some basic home cures for cracked heels:

Emollient or humectant moisturizers.

Emollients aid in the smoothing, softening, and flexibility of the skin by reducing water loss, filling gaps between skin flakes, and smoothing, softening, and flexibility.

The use of humectant moisturizers, which draw water from the air, may help to keep moisture in place. In addition, humectants can help the skin hold more water.

Occlusive moisturizer.

After applying the emollient or humectant moisturizer, give it some time to absorb.

On top of that, an intensive moisturizing cream is applied. This will help to keep the moisture in. The most effective occlusive moisturizer available is petroleum jelly.

Put a pair of cotton socks on before going to bed.

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Wear 100% cotton socks after applying petroleum jelly to preserve your heels.

This will help keep moisture in, allow the skin to breathe, and keep stains off the bed linens and sheets.

The application of a keratolytic agent.

Keratolytics help to relax the outer skin layer, remove dead skin cells, and retain moisture. To get the best results, look for products that include both keratolytic and humectants.

Use a pumice stone.

After moisturizing the heel, gently rub it with a pumice stone to minimize the thickness of the hard skin and calluses.

Excessive usage of the pumice stone might worsen cracked heels. Diabetic individuals should also avoid pumice stones.

Over the cracked skin, use a liquid bandage.

To create a protective covering, alleviate discomfort, prevent dirt and germs from entering the wound, and speed up healing, cover the cracked skin with a liquid, gel, or spray bandage.

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