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How to know if someone has ‘FEELINGS’ for you

When someone shows interest towards you they do things that show their feelings, if he/she makes plans with you, buys gifts for you or tries to spend time with you. These are some of the indicators of his/her feelings for you.

He’s very kind and compassionate. Whenever you need comfort, he’s there to give you a shoulder to cry on. Even if you start crying, he won’t make fun of you. He lets you vent out everything that bothers you. He listens attentively, and he never fails to advise you. You can always count on him to be understanding.

He doesn’t hesitate to call you whenever you’re sick, but he’d rather stay home than go out for dinner. He spends hours watching movies with you, but he won’t go to watch sports with you. He’s interested in learning new things, but he’ll only do so if it interests you. He’ll gladly spend hours talking to you, but he won’t allow you to hold his hand when walking down the street. He’ll agree to meet up with you after work, but he’ll turn down your invitation to join you for lunch. He’s thoughtful, considerate and loving.

If someone says something sweet to you, even though it’s not necessary, then it means that person would rather keep a good relationship with you than get closer to anyone else.

Someone who keeps calling you after being away may have feelings for you. He/She might want to say sorry and make up for past mistakes. So if the calls start coming up again, then take it positively. You don’t need to call him/her back.

If you feel bad about hurting someone’s feelings because of rejection, then you should try to apologize to that person. Doing this could help both parties to move forward and heal themselves.

If someone doesn’t respond to text messages, then he/she probably isn’t interested anymore. Don’t bother sending any more texts.

Sometimes people hide their feelings from us, but sometimes we notice them without realizing. You can tell if someone likes you by seeing how he/she behaves around you.

You can tell if a person likes you by looking at his/her eyes. A person whose eyes are focused on yours, smile and laugh when they’re talking to you, and look at you often can mean he/she likes you.

When someone is honest with you, it means that he/she would respect you no matter what happens between you two. If someone tells you something straight out, then he/she really cares about you.

Being hurt by someone is painful and hard to recover from. But if someone apologizes to you for what happened, then he/she realizes what he/she did wrong and wants to make things right.

If someone seems happy to see you, then he/she loves you. If you’re having trouble letting go of someone, then ask yourself the question ‘why am I holding onto her?’ If you still cannot find the answer to that question, then chances are she doesn’t care enough about you to leave you.

Try to understand the feelings of others and don’t judge. We have different reasons for doing things and each of us is entitled to our own choices.

People tend to change when they experience rejection. If someone hurts your feelings, try to think twice before getting upset.

If someone is constantly bothering you, then he/ she probably is just trying to cause trouble. You shouldn’t pay much attention to someone who always talks down on you.

If you don’t know how to deal with a specific situation, seek advice from friends, family members, teachers, counselors or mentors. No matter how well you handle the situation, you’ll always learn from your experiences.

When they want to spend time with you. When your partner wants to spend time with you, it’s a clear sign that they feel attracted to you. If he/she asks you out often, then it means that he/she truly cares about you. If they are able to spend time with their friends without complaining about being bored, it shows that they really enjoy spending time with you.

When they make you laugh. One of the best gifts you can give someone is the gift of laughter. A person who makes you laugh is someone who loves you deeply. They not only love you, but they care enough to make you laugh.

When they tease you. Teasing people is one of the easiest ways to show affection. When your significant other teases you, it shows that they like you and appreciate your personality. Teasing should not be taken too seriously though. People tease each other because they find something funny about them.

When they compliment you. Complimenting others is a great way to express appreciation. People like compliments, especially when they come from their loved ones. When your significant other tells you how beautiful, smart, successful or sexy you are, it shows that they genuinely admire your character.

When they do things to surprise you. Nothing says I love you like surprising your beloved with a small token of your love. Sometimes it could be buying flowers, taking her/him out somewhere fun, or giving him/her a massage. Surprise your loved one with something small and meaningful.

When they listen to you. Listening to your partner talk is one of the greatest feelings in the world. An attentive listener is someone who knows how to communicate effectively. When someone listens to what you say, it shows that they respect you and value your opinions.

A good relationship requires two people who have feelings for each other. When you feel that way about another person, then they do too. Feeling love for someone shows in many different ways; smiling at them, giving them something special just for them. Being romantic and showing affection towards your partner makes them feel loved too. If you start doing these things consistently, you may notice their behavior changes and they begin to open up to you.

So if you want to know if he/she loves you back, pay attention to his/her actions. Do they seem happy around you? Does he show affection to you often? Is he/she always talking about your relationship? There’s no doubt that if the answer is yes, then he/she does have feelings for you. However, if you don’t get those positive responses, then your guess is not correct. In fact, if you’re not getting those positive gestures and reactions, then chances are that he/she doesn’t really care much about you. He/She looks at you as nothing more than a friend, maybe even an acquaintance.

When he gives you a smile, he seems genuinely happy. You rarely hear him say anything bad about you. You both spend time together, but never alone. He’s always trying to make plans for dates.

You’ve been dating for a while now, and still you haven’t received any signals that he likes you. If you ask him out, he’ll decline. Sometimes, he’ll even avoid you intentionally. What should you do now?

First thing first, stop calling him/her. You need to let go of the past before you decide to try and win over his heart again. Give him space for a while. Let him move on with his life. Don’t bother asking why. Just wait for the right time to bring it up.

Don’t worry if he starts avoiding you. As long as he’s enjoying himself, he won’t mind hanging out with others. Remember that he might be afraid of saying what he feels. So give him some time. Eventually, he’ll tell you how he feels about you. Once he’s ready, encourage him. Tell him how special he is to you. Let him know that you’re willing to work on your relationship to keep him. Show him that you value him, and he’ll eventually return the favor.

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