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Melatonin Isn’t The Safe Sleep Aid Many Believe It To Be. See Why

Many people’s bedtime routines include taking their melatonin pills and popping them in order to have a “safe” night’s sleep. This all-natural sleep medication may not be the greatest choice, according to researchers.

Since the outbreak, the number of people taking melatonin has steadily increased. A startling fraction of those individuals are taking roughly double the recommended quantity, and occasionally even more, according to the report, which was published on February 1. I’ve included a link to the study in the sources section below. It was released in the medical journal JAMA.

Unfortunately, because to the increase in the number of people utilizing the medication as a treatment, scientists are now warning us to be cautious of the risks connected with the medication.

The use of sleeping pills has been related in prospective studies to dementia development and early mortality. One such sleep aid is melatonin, according to Rebecca Robbins, a staff member of Harvard Medical School’s Division of Sleep Medicine.

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Not only that, but melatonin is also connected to a number of other health problems, nausea, vertigo, headaches, moderate anxiety, irritability, sadness, and abnormally low blood pressure.

Another issue is that many individuals believe melatonin to be secure. You may find it in a variety of forms, those geared toward kids, by simply browsing the supplement aisle at your neighborhood grocery shop.

And although many people would think the “supplement” is some sort of natural plant, it’s actually a hormone. Melatonin obviously has the potential to interfere with the normal functioning of your hormones, just like taking any other hormone.

The National Institute of Health warns that children who use melatonin may experience comparable health problems, some of which may be made worse by the fact that their bodies are not yet fully mature and equipped to process synthetic melatonin.

Furthermore, the U.S. does not properly control melatonin. Food and Drug Administration, hence the producers are not legally obligated to fulfill the promises made on the bottle. On a very real level, it’s impossible to predict what you will receive when you make a transaction.

In-depth interviews with CNN on the topic of melatonin’s usage as a sleep aid were conducted by Robbins, who also claimed that the hormone may be safe for short-term use in people suffering from jet lag or shift work. Unfortunately, it becomes hazardous when taken consistently over an extended length of time, especially at doses more than 5 mg.

Dr. Cora Collette Breuner, another specialist who talked with CNN, has some pretty insightful advice for people wanting to improve their sleep. She went on to remark, “When adults took melatonin, it decreased the time it took them to fall asleep by four to eight minutes.”

Therefore, Breuner said, “For someone who takes hours to fall asleep, maybe the better thing for them to do is turn off their devices, get 20 to 40 minutes of exercise each day, or don’t drink any caffeine products at all.

All of these methods for good sleep hygiene are effective, but many are reluctant to use them. They would much rather take medication, right? ”

Unfortunately, that quick cure is probably going to make your problems worse overall rather than make them better.

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