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My Name’s Hannah. And As Long As I Could Remember, My Parents Were Never In Good Terms.

Written by Ado Ra Ble

The noise was disturbing, even though I had to put on my head set. My heart broke each time they had to quarrel and it broke even more seeing my dad beat up mom. I was warned seriously by mom never to interfere whenever they were having their usual fights. That was what she called it.. ” Usual fight”.
The last time I interfered, dad mercilessly beat me up, I almost fainted that day. So Mom had to give me a stern warning.

My name’s Hannah. And as long as I could remember, my parents were never in good terms. They were always fighting, and dad was always beating her up. He had once used a hot iron on her cheek. I was only seven then, I had ran to our next door neighbor for help, only to be pushed away by the man. I couldn’t blame him much because dad had insulted and warned him to stay clear off his family issues.

Today was different. Mom was coughing seriously. I peeped through the window..I was shocked.

Mom was stabbed with a knife on the stomach. I quickly pushed the bedsheet aside and flew to their room. Dad was holding the per knife now in blood. I could vividly see his evil smile.

“I love you”. I heard mom whispered.
I couldn’t tell who she was referring to.
I knew mom gave up the ghost after those words. And funny enough I didn’t go to her.

I had pleaded with mom to quit the marriage, or better still we should leave for her father’s house. But she never listened.

I turned to the man.

My dad.

And I smiled.
I couldn’t tell why.
I grabbed the per knife from him.
He moved back with a frown.
“What do you think you are doing?”. He asked.
I laughed.
“Ohh don’t get scared. You thought I will kill you. Hell no!!!. I can’t do that… I want to be buried close to my mom”.

I stabbed myself.

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