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Remind Critics That You Are Proudly BATIFIED!!!

By:Uwode E.J 08182716475. 14/08/2022 [email protected]

Tell the critics that you are proudly a BAT. If you are told Bola Ahmed Tinubu (BAT) is too old to rule, remind them that Donald Trump and Joe Biden of the United States are men in their late 70s.

It is not a constitutional taboo for septuagenarians and octogenarians to attain the apex of national administration (presidency). That is to say, administrative competence is not a function of age but intellectual prowess coupled with years of administrative expertise. If the reverse were to be the case, the young and acclaimed vibrant state Governors in their early 40s in Nigeria would have transformed their respective states economically and politically to the desired height.

Again if you are confronted with the euphoria that BAT is a sick man thus considered physically incapacitated to rule, be bold to remind them that one of the best political idol Nigeria ever produced, the late Umaru Musa Yaradua was also a sick man. Again and again, if they attempt to crucify you for being team BAT on the ground of perceived Islamization of the country, adjudged from the Muslim-Muslim ticket cacophony, remind them also that if Tinubu could not Islamize his wife and immediate family, he cannot be portrayed as a religious bigot.

Afterall there has been a Christian- Christian ticket in recent past and no one from the opposition ever initiated a Christianization agenda argument. Be it Muslim-muslim or a Christian- Christian ticket, emphasis should be on competence and not religious and ethnic affiliations that have historically posed as a bane to administrative aggrandizement and has appeared to be a canker worm that has ferociously destroyed the fabrics of the Nigerian entity.

If u are told APC has brought untold hardship to Nigerians as an excuse for rooting for an opposition candidacy, Remind them that prices have skyrocketed globally due to conflict rocking economically viable nations such as Russia and Ukraine that have threatened the importation of essential commodities to dependent nations like Nigeria. Get them schooled on the present day economics rather than dwell on sentiments and enticing falsehood (propaganda) as implored by the opposition to brainwash their gullible followers.

Remind them also that just as they claim to have moved away from party politics towards placing premium on the antecedents of candidates, so also Team BAT have decided to queue behind Bola Ahmed Tinubu irrespective of his party affiliation. Finally, remind critics to stop basking in the euphoria and come to terms with the reality that BAT is ready to soar the eagle’s height come 2023, capacitated by his proven track records that have left an indelible footprint in the sands of time.

This is evident in his contributions to the redefining of Lagos state from a mere metropolitan city to the hub of economic activities and launching it in a cosmopolitan map. All of these achievements serve as a testimony and a litmus test to his administrative acumen.

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