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She Always Seemed To End Up On Broken Roads Chasing Dead End Love And Trying To Turn Projects Into Partners.

She never had anyone to pick her back up and help her rise again when she fell.
The only person that was always there..was her.
Through the heartaches, the pain and disappointments, she didn’t have anyone to turn to..and she was okay with that.
While the world sees a strong, independent woman now, there was once a broken little girl that learned never to depend on anyone.
It’s not that she didn’t have people to care about her, she just realized that she needed to forge her courage from the struggles of fire..
From within herself.
She always seemed to end up on broken roads chasing dead end love and trying to turn projects into partners.
She was strong enough for two people, and somehow, she inevitably tried to fix her damaged love interests.
She knew what she wanted and she wouldn’t stop until she found the happiness she knew she deserved.
She stopped wasting pointless tears on people that didn’t care and started loving herself for staying true to herself.
She didn’t have all the answers and often got lost trying to find her way, but she didn’t settle, quit or stop trying to elevate her life and find happiness however she could.
So, as she stood strong- a confident, independent and vivacious woman that amazed the world, she guarded her truths with courageous passion.
She’d make no apologies for who she was or accept treatment that was beneath her, and that didn’t always sit well..
Especially with weaker people.
Come what may, she’d keep chasing her dreams, loving her people passionately and living her best life.
All those secrets that the little girl had learned to protect?
A proud woman knew that the right person would come along someday and appreciate, accept and love every one of those imperfections.
Until then, she’d keep flying high and living passionately..
In all the ways that made her happy.
Proud, strong and free.

The Ravenwolf

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