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Six Unexplainable Ancient Artifacts You Never Know Exist



Researchers and often amateur archaeologists produce amazing as well as unusual finds occasionally. Sometimes the discovery is so unexpected that they can’t describe whatever they’ve discovered, how everything happened to be, or how much it’s worth.

This article presents a collection of inexplicable artifacts that several individuals assume wouldn’t have occurred and even though no satisfactory explanation exists for them.

First Mechanical Computer

The Antikythera system is regarded as the world’s 1st mechanical computer. It was created to compute astronomical locations and was discovered in the wreckage of the ship near the Greek Island’s coast which was beneath 45 meters of water.

It was almost as complicated as an eighteenth-century leading timepiece, including a package with numbers in front and an immensely complicated arrangement of gear wheels installed inside. The computer’s sophistication forced researchers to admit that their notions of old Greek technology could be incorrect.

Archeologists estimate the Saqqara Bird is 2200 years old. It weighs just under forty grams, and has a diameter of much more than seven inches. Nobody knows the purpose of the Saqqara Bird.

However the Saqqara Bird shows somebody in Ancient Egypt had sufficient knowledge in aeronautical fundamentals, however, it’s uncertain how they learned that information.

The London Hammer
Max Hahn and his spouse Emma were out walking in June 1936 when they came across a rock with wood emerging out of its base.

They took the strange object back to the house and smashed it apart with a hammer and then chisel afterward. Surprisingly, whatever they discovered inside appeared to just be an ancient hammer of some type.

They gave this to archaeologists to examine, and they found out that the rock that encased the hammer was from the Ordovician period, which is even more than four hundred million years old.

However, there is considerable doubt about that having dated, so here’s the real clincher: early observations indicate that perhaps the hammer is somehow over five hundred million — years — old. It appears to have been so ancient that a part of the grip already started turning to coal.

The London Hammer | Source: Texas Hill Country

So obviously, evolutionists were already there, and in the 1980s, creationist Carl Baugh grabbed the hammer and used that to speculate as to how the air purity of a pre-flood planet would have aided the rise of titans.

The hammer’s top, which is mainly composed of much more than 96percent iron, is considerably better purified than what the environment might have accomplished alone without the aid of machines.

Furthermore, there are many reasons to doubt the original age — only because the hammer is enclosed in ancient materials may not indicate it would be as ancient as the rocks.

A 2000 Year Old Battery — Baghdad Battery

This product is made up of a five-and-a-half-inch tall clay pot with a metal cylinder within that is positioned by asphalt. Archaeologists discovered a rusted iron bar inside the container.

Wilhelm König, the German administrator of Iraq’s Museum, speculated in 1940 those were galvanic batteries, may be used during depositing gold into silver artifacts. No one else has been able to refute him, particularly because all it took to generate an electric current was to load this with an alkaline or acidic material.

The oldest battery known to mankind | Source: Global Marvels

Although the Baghdad battery would not have been particularly efficient as a battery, it is possible that it might have functioned. Current archaeologists don’t even accept the device had been a battery, but rather a storing jar, according to Elizabeth Stone, an expert at Stony Brook University.

Mysterious Metal Objects And Fossils

Fossils of human handprints, footprints, as well as a human finger which dated back to around 300 million years ago were discovered.

These super amazing fossils have left everybody shocked and thinking about them. In France, 65 million-year-old tubes made of metals were discovered, as well as a block of coal which was actually very fascinating was found as well.

Such mysterious discoveries have left archaeologists pondering about these fossils, besides these, many more intriguing fossils and substances were also discovered.

The Piri Reis Map

In 1929, scholars uncovered an incredible object: a manuscript inscribed on a gazelle’s skin. They discovered that it was a map produced by Piri Reis in 1513, Reis was a Turkish admiral, after plenty of investigation.

The world map of Piri Reis | Source: Daily Sabah

The Map shows North Africa and Europe, the Brazilian coastline, a number of islands and Antarctica. Antarctica was not discovered until the 19th century, over 300 years after the map was drawn.

Which of these ancient artifacts left you in awe?


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