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Stop Wearing Underwear and Watch What Happens to Your Body

Deciding to stop wearing underwear may be even more difficult than choosing between trunks or briefs, hipsters or high-rise. Yes, maybe the ultimate question really shouldn’t be about boxers or briefs, but whether or not you should wear any at all. Before completely committing to going commando, read on to find out why your body won’t be the same when you stop wearing underwear.

You could say goodbye to nerve pain when you wave goodbye to underwear.

If you find yourself squeezing into a pair of underwear to provide shape and support around your center, you are in for a surprise. You may, in fact, just be setting yourself up for some not-so-fun nerve pain.

You may avoid unnecessary skin irritation by not wearing any underwear.

Eczema from your underwear? It may sound out there, but it happens. If you’re allergic to any type of laundry detergent or forget to wash a new garment before wearing it — whoops! — this could seriously mess with your skin. Certain detergents and dyes that come close to your home can cause contact dermatitis, women’s health expert Dr. Donnica Moore explained to Considerable.

You may experience fewer UTIs if you avoid wearing underwear.

A urinary tract infection, which causes a painful burning sensation whenever you use the restroom, affects approximately 60% of women and 12% of men. Some popular fabrics that our favorite undergarments are made of, like silk or nylon, can keep moisture up close to your body, making it a breeding ground for bacteria. In a world filled with so many pretty pants and snazzy boxers, it’s difficult to keep it basic — but that’s actually best.

Without wearing underwear, you’ll smell differently down there.

Something nobody ever wants to talk about is body odor, but if you’re regularly wearing certain kinds of underwear, it could quickly become something you smell on a daily basis. Underwear made of silk or other synthetic fabrics can trap sweat around your tush. As this sweat builds up over the day, so can the stink. Your silky pants or boxers may lead to unpleasant odors that can be absolutely embarrassing instead of making you feel attractive as you anticipated.

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