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The Girl You Like Is Just Using And Taking Advantage Of You When You Observe These 5 Signs

It’s frustrating to realize that someone is using you, especially when it’s someone you really like. You’ll start wondering where you’ve gone wrong. You’re doing everything to make her happy or to become the best boyfriend for her. You can do and say all the right things, and they still won’t be enough for someone who doesn’t appreciate you. Are you falling for a girl who keeps sending you mixed signals? Look for these signs that show the girl you like is using you.

She wants you to listen, but not the other way around. This is different from someone who has a short attention span or is forgetful. This girl only loves talking about herself. You know all about her exes, her favorite movies, her hobbies, her friends’ hobbies even, but she knows nothing about you. She will just brush it off when you talk about yourself and turn the topic back to her. She doesn’t even remember something you told her yesterday! If this is what you’re dealing with, this girl may only want to use you to feel good about herself.

She talks about other guys. When a girl likes you, she’ll make sure you and everyone who knows you know that she only likes you. She may try to make you jealous, but she won’t take it too far. If she’s taking advantage of you, you’ll notice how easy it is for her to talk about other guys in front of you. It’s not just enough for you to feel threatened by competition. She’ll take it to the point where you feel insecure and start comparing yourself to those guys.

Her friends don’t know you. When a girl uses you, one of the most common signs is that she won’t introduce you to her friends. If you both bump into a good friend of hers, read her expression and notice how she reacts. If she starts acting awkward when she’s usually very extroverted, something is definitely wrong. And if you see her with a group of her friends and not one person recognizes you, you’re in serious trouble.

She talks about her complicated love life. Does she spend a lot of time ranting about her tragic relationship history? Girls who end up using guys are confused women who want to be reassured and loved all the time. She may have lost the love of her life and now wants you to be the replacement, or this girl is just looking for signs that she’s capable of being loved. Maybe she’s been rejected so often that she just settled with the first guy who showed her affection. Pay attention to this sign, and don’t let the girl you like use you.

She dominates the relationship. Now that she’s got you wrapped around her little finger, she gets complete control of the relationship. She calls you up whenever she feels like it, or asks you to meet her whenever is convenient for her? You may think if you’re doing all of this, she’ll like you more. It won’t work like that..A relationship should go both ways. In this situation, she only takes, and you only give. You won’t make it far with this imbalance between you two.

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