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Tinubu And The Right Of First Refusal: Why Lagos Should Be Credited For Its Stability and Developmental Drive

Lagos is known as the City of Excellence, and it has maintained this reputation for decades, demonstrating the essence of stability and good governance.

Today, I’d like to focus on the hypocrites who claim that Lagos, whether Tinubu is in office or not, hasn’t accomplished anything particularly noteworthy because it was once the capital of Nigeria.

I’ve always been amazed by some Nigerians’ hypocrisy when it comes to giving credit where credit is due; you see, when people open their mouths and say things without critically thinking about what they’re saying, I wonder why the bias.

Some people are offended when we link Tinubu’s achievements to Lagos State, and they continue to argue that Lagos has no choice but to be on a fast track to development due to its unique characteristics.

This is hypocrisy at its finest; let me ask a pertinent question: what is the problem with Nigeria today that some claim has caused the country to deteriorate?

Some people these days compare Nigeria today to Nigeria in the past and say it has lost its glory. They recall how students in the past were privileged to have dry cleaning services at their hostel at the expense of the University authorities, how it was easy to buy a brand new Peugeot, and how travelling across the 36 states was a lot of fun.

They tell stories about how the Fulani man is friends with the Ijaw man, how the Kanuri man loves and dines with the Igbo man, and other fine tales of a once great and prosperous nation.

Can the same be said of Nigeria today? These people will tell you that Nigeria is a dead country that should be divided.

Now Nigeria has 36 States plus the Federal Capital Territory, according to Wikipedia, the city of Calabar served once as the capital of the Niger Coast Protectorate, the Southern Protectorate, and the Oil River protectorate, making it the first official capital of Nigeria until the late nineteenth century.

Lord Frederick Lugard, the first Governor-General of Nigeria, ruled from Lokoja, the current capital of Kogi state, after the Southern and Northern protectorates were merged to form one Nigeria. It was also where where Lady Flora Shaw coined the name Nigeria.

Then why don’t we give Lagos credit for maintaining and growing its status as the center of excellence if Nigeria with all these resource-rich states, can be said to have retrogressed and moved backwards instead of forward?

Nigeria has great places like the hibernating Tinapa, the immense Sambisa forest reserve that is now an enclave to Boko Haram, and so many other beautiful places.

Isn’t it disheartening that some people can have a double standard when they open their mouths to declare that Nigeria is not functioning while refusing to acknowledge those who put Lagos on the map and ensured that it continues to function today?

You say Nigeria needs to be rescued, but Lagos, which has risen from nowhere to become Africa’s third largest economy, does not deserve praise from the city’s leaders?
Why are we this way? You claim a whole country has failed, yet you acknowledge Lagos is growing stronger, and you see nothing wrong with giving credit to those responsible for this stability.

So make I ask you if Nigeria as e big reach you say e don dead then tell me why we no go praise Lagos wey just be one small state under Nigeria for its steady growth and development?

In fact, anyone who has ever ruled Lagos for a day should be given the Right of First Refusal before any other person is considered for the Presidency because all administrators of Lagos State have done well to preserve the State’s legacy.

Therefore, denying credit to Tinubu and others for transforming Lagos into what it is today only reeks of hypocrisy, and such individuals require deliverance in their lives.

My names remains Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah and i am the principal of Bush Radio Academy.

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