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What to do immediately a fish bone sticks to your throat

According to Healthline, when a fish bone gets stuck in your throat, it can cause throat pain, coughing, and sometimes spitting of blood. It’s an unpleasant experience that requires doing the right thing immediately. You need to remove the bone from your throat.

1. Get bananas and eat them. Bananas can grab the fish bones and push them down into your stomach. Try eating any acidic fruit, such as apples or oranges. Their acidic content can soften the fish bone and make it easier for you to swallow and prevent throat pain.

2. Do not panic. If you panic, it will worsen the situation, especially if you are eating spicy foods.

Just relax and make sure the spicy food in your stomach doesn’t move to your respiratory tract. You can lick some honey or swallow a little olive oil. This will lubricate your throat and make it easier for you to swallow the fishbone.

3. You can quickly drink carbonated drinks. The pressure of the gas in the carbonated drink will displace the position of the fish bone in your throat. This will make it easier for you to swallow it.

4. If you’re lucky enough to find a solid food item such as bread, you can swallow it immediately. This can help push the bones into your stomach. Once you swallow it, quickly drink some water. You may also want to use some salt water gargles or cough drops to help soothe the pain in your throat.

5. When a fish bone suddenly gets lodged in your throat, don’t try to speak or make noise. Just take a deep breath, tilt your head back, and cough forcefully.

This will force the bone up and out of your throat. You can also make a scratching motion with your finger on the back of your throat as you cough.

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